CUALITYS RODES, S.A.L ... "Just in time" Optimization of your warehouse

Our commitment to service includes also a fluently in deliveries, widely recognized, that allows you to count with our own warehouse as if it was yours.

Saving idles and superfluous stocks levels and capitalizing space and fixed assets.

We assure with the best transport companies that collect the orders (in our factory) several times per day, covering our target of issuing the most of the orders in the course of the same day you place it.

Our company is associated with AECOC (Bar Codes Organization) standardizing the codification of all its articles under theEAN-13European directive, tall our manufactured items bear a label with bar code identification and summary description.

This fact allows a proper follow-up to the various articles in your company and a correct identification of them.

CUALITYS RODES, S.A.L ... Delegations, Distributors and Commercial Network

We have several warehouses in Spain. In the cities of Bilbao (Pais Basque) and Sevilla (Andalucia) where we can supply the most prompt orders of our customers. There, we deliver the goods but we also count with professional staff to attend your doubts and to suggest you our better technical options.

Our commercial network has more than 40 members covering all Spain and nearby countries. This crew takes our technical assistance wherever it is necessary so we have a very closer collaboration.

Actually our company is present in most of European markets through the main distributors of Hardware and Industrial supply..

Our products are referenced in the main groups of purchasing (Spain and Europe), that provides an additional warranty by the confidence of a long term collaboration.

Our models are also requested thanks to a growing export activity from the Spanish companies. So we are pleased to receive quotation demands from remote locations, just to replenish lost elements or to acquire products with a real tested quality. Final users are our better test.

CUALITYS RODES, S.A.L ... Customer service and after-sales service

Our sales department deals with all kinds of request daily: Availability, Quotations, Delivery. About a hundred order lines are registered per day with a very high efficiency. All customers are punctually informed about the status of the order if any unusual delay happens.

In the General Catalogue you can find extended technical details and if necessary we can print the Charge Certificate for the heavy duty wheels.

After sales service is concerned to inform the R & D department about all the customers information related to solve devices problems or improve models in design and productive process. This is the way to feel online with the customers and market everyday and that let us to prepare future.

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