CUALITYS RODES, S.A.L. ... Experience and Professionalism

A very special feature of our company lies in our status as cooperative company. Everyone of the members of our staff has a long experience in each of the production processes. All of us apply to every piece the highest care and attention, as if they were for ourselves. We are always looking for giving the highest level of finishing and quality to each unit that comes out our facilities.

In addition, we combine both craft processes with the highest technology and our Internal Quality Department review systematically the inputs of the different raw materials and the outputs of manufacturing. That provides us the absolute confidence in the products that come out of our warehouses.

For us it is not an only castors and wheels matter. They are elements that, incorporated in their products (Exhibitors, Furniture, equipment maintenance, Hospital devices) have to bear the burden and ensure optimal displacement. Our castors and wheels have to represent a clear added value in your own product or establishment.

CUALITYS RODES, S.A.L. ... more than 6000 references

We have a very wide range of products to cover the entire range of needs of castors and wheels for every kind of application: Industrial and Domestic. In our catalog you will only see our most representative models but if you don't find your real requirement don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

All the raw materials Nylon (Polyamide), Polypropylene, Rubber (made in different colors and hardness (Shore), Polyurethane (Red Band) are treated with the highest requirement for the outcome of our inject machines and vulcanizing ovens to provide a long life to the final product.

The combination of the different castors in steel strip , Ox cutting (Siemens steel) and Cast Iron will result a product of a very high quality that fully justify your decision to acquire AFO products.