Load Capacity

This catalogue shows our standard manufacturing range of products. Through the years and with our experience in the development of the castors and wheels we have extended the range and nowadays we've got a wide assortment for all the customers requirements, so if you don't find what you are looking for contact us and let us help you in search the suitable model.

In order to calculate the load capacity the following information should be available:

- Weight of the device itself
- Maximum Load
- Number of wheels applied


     B + C
 A = ------ x F

A - Required load capacity of the wheel
B - Weight of the transport device
C - Maximum load
D - Number of wheels applied.
F - Safety factor

The safety factor "F" indicates the variation of the normal conditions of implementation (Floor in good condition, recommended speed, loading distributed properly, with straight displacement and ambient temperature according to the recommendations from +10ºC to +30ºC) and it will be applied only in extreme cases.

The load capacity expressed in the catalogue is based on the drawn principles from the ISO 2175 and UNE-EN 12527 (Castors and Wheels- Methods and testing instruments).

In case of pneumatic wheel, super-elastic tyre, you can reach speed higher than 4 km/h., this fact will be taken into account for an according reduction of the load capacity. In case of higher speed and mechanical traction please to contact our Technical Department for advice.

In this catalogue we indicate the loads with dynamic capacity, in the case that wheels are exposed to static burden, in most of cases, you can consider an increasing about 25 % from original data of dynamic load capacity.

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